“I believe therapy is an exploration of our inner worlds of thoughts and feelings.  Therapy is an adventure into a personal world, sometimes familiar and comfortable, sometimes alien and scary.  Good therapists teach us to create an imaginary map that will help guide us to a place in our lives that will bring us happiness and give us a sense of purpose and peace, with ourselves, and with all those around us.  The real goal of therapy is to learn the art of self-control, to make the kinds of choices that get us more of what we really want in life, without impinging on the rights and welfare of others.”

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David R. Reber, PH.D is a Certified National Anger Management Specialist who specializes in a Reality Therapy approach to address the emotional and behavioral problems of men and troubled adolescents.  Whether you are beset by the small, irritating problems of every day that don’t seem to have a solution, or if you have issues that erode the very foundation of your soul:  from anger problems to anxiety, from social skills deficits to depression, from interpersonal relationship conflicts to crises of identity, there are answers to be found and Dr. Reber can help you find them.